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Island Girl’s Guide to the San Blas Islands

Do me a favor? Close your eyes and envision paradise. Chances are your imagination is painting a picture that closely resembles the San Blas Islands of Panama…White sand and blue water beaches…Clusters of towering coconut trees…Thatched roof huts… Hammocks…Peace…And quiet. These 365 tiny island dotting the Caribbean Sea are the epitome of isolation and as …

10 Super Cool Things You MUST DO in Panama;
International Destinations

10 Super Cool Things You MUST DO in Panama

Contemporary and historical. Trendy and vintage. Urban and rural. Beach and jungle. Panama is a country of contrasts that offers a little bit of something for everyone. As an island girl who appreciates a taste of city life, Panama was everything I always knew I needed in a destination but had yet to find. Remarkably, …