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5 Affordable European Cities for Trinbagonian Travelers
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5 Affordable European Cities for T&T Travelers

For many Trinbagonians, European travel seems like an expensive undertaking. Yes, flights are more costly than those to North America. And, then there’s the intimidating exchange rate for currencies like the euro and the pound. Naturally, it seems more affordable to plan a trip to the United States or Canada. However, my recent travels have …

5 Reasons to Visit a Beer Spa in Prague;
International Destinations

5 Reasons to Visit a Beer Spa in Prague

As an island girl, I’m partial to natural therapies – we’re talking waterfall massages and exfoliation by sand.ย However the idea of soaking in a tub of beer was too intriguing to pass up so when I crafted my itinerary for Prague, ‘BEER SPA’ was at the top of my Must-Do/No-Exceptions/Can’t-Miss List. And I am so …