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Sandy Island (Carriacou, Grenada)
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Grenada: The Great Escape to Sandy Island, Carriacou

Sandals off. Locks loose. Body stretched out on a surprisingly comfortable bed of fallen coconut tree branches…that was my conduct for most of the afternoon I spent on Sandy Island. To say I painted a cliched picture of #islandlife would be an understatement, but I make no apologies for it. Because for all the times I used …

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Grenada: Hog Island, Uninterrupted

Visiting Hog Island during the week is like purchasing a private island at the bargain price of $20 EC per head. For the cost of roundtrip boat passage from the fishing village of Woburn to the island, you could find yourself blissfully undisturbed on this tiny L-shaped strip of beach. That’s a pretty sweet deal in my book. I …

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The 6 Most Fascinating Sculptures in Grenada’s Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park

A sculpture park? Underwater? In the Spice Isle? Yes please! Grenada’s Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park has been on my Travel/Dive Bucket List since I learned of its existence. This year, I finally booked a spot on an Eco Dive tour to get up close and personal with these sculptures in almost 30 ft of water, and I was …

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4 Reasons Why Guyana Should Be on Your Travel Bucket List

Truth: Guyana was never on my radar as a travel destination. I knew very little about my neighbour down south and what I did know didn’t excite me. But an unexpected work trip took me not only to Georgetown, but deep into the country’s interior, and after just two full days of exploring and experiencing, I saw and …

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5 Things to Do in Tobago (Beyond the Beaches)

There’s a lot to be said about Tobago’s beaches, but I’ll keep it brief: They’re awesome. More awesome than a quarter of the beaches in the Caribbean. Just as awesome as half the stretches of coastline throughout the archipelago. And admittedly less awesome than the remaining quarter of truly idyllic real estate, where crystal clear waters …

Caribbean Destinations, Tobago

My First Night Dive: Crazy, Scary, Beautiful

Dive No. 14 Location: Kariwak Reef, Tobago Depth: 40 ft Dive Shop: Undersea Tobago, Coco Reef Beach Resort, Tobago Highlights: First night dive…nuff said. Details: Night diving is an awesome, mind-blowing, life-altering experience, but it is not for the faint of heart. At present, my heart is still slightly faint. But with practice, I’m confident …