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Caribbean Travel Bucket List: 5 Things to do in the Caribbean

Caribbean Travel Bucket List

Gorgeous beaches. Lush forests. Serene rivers. And some of the most epic parties in the world! With over 7,000 islands serving up diverse activities, the Caribbean is indeed a spectacular playground. Naturally, it’s impossible to cover the full length of breadth of things to do within the region. So let’s start with this list of 5 epic experiences to add to your Caribbean Travel Bucket List!

Go Bamboo Rafting in Jamaica

Caribbean Travel Bucket List: Bamboo Rafting Jamaica

Peaceful, scenic, solitary, and just a little bit sexy, bamboo rafting in Portland tops my list of epic Jamaican experiences. The island offers a profusion of unique and intriguing diversions, however, cruising down the Rio Grande River remains my most cherished memory. The calm ripple of the river…The crudely but expertly constructed raft…And the entertaining anecdotes of the seasoned raftsman all came together to create a rare and unpretentious excursion that was as intrinsically Caribbean as any experiential traveler could hope for. Add this to your Caribbean bucket list if you’re a fan of solitude, enjoy escaping deep into nature, and appreciate the soothing effects of a cold river bath.

Reclaim Your Youth at the Nylon Pool in Tobago

Caribbean Travel Bucket List: Nylon Pool Tobago

Fun fact: Tobago’s Nylon Pool is the Caribbean’s very own fountain youth! This shallow sandbank miles off the island’s coast features an idyllic combination of crystal clear waters and white coral sand. Legend has it that the therapeutic effects of the sand on your skin can shave 10 years off your looks. If that wasn’t enough to qualify this watery gem as bucket list material though, it’s also alleged that couples who kiss beneath the surface are promised a lifetime of happiness, and men allegedly gain a few extra inches on their most prized appendage! *wink wink*

Play Mas in Trinidad

Caribbean Carnival Bucket List: Play Mas in Trinidad

No Caribbean travel bucket list is complete if it doesn’t include the Trinidad Carnival experience. Honestly, what could be more exhilarating, more liberating, more intoxicating than donning a gorgeous, bedazzled costume and dancing to the infectious beats of soca music at a festival dubbed ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’? Even if you’re not big into parties (I’m not), or crowds (not a fan of those either), there’s something hypnotic about the all-inclusive vibe of Carnival that lures you in. If you need more details on how to go about participating in Trinidad Carnival, check out my comprehensive 12 Step Guide to Playing Mas in Trinidad Carnival.

Dive the Underwater Sculpture Garden in Grenada

Epic Things to do in the Caribbean: Underwater sculpture garden Grenada

A rare and breathtaking sight to behold, Grenada’s underwater sculpture garden is a diver’s dream. This collaboration between man and nature features 65 concrete installations spread out over 800 square meters of the Molinere Beauséjour Marine Park. The shallow waters offer divers spectacular visibility and facilitate leisurely dive experiences amidst these incredible ecological works of art. From ‘The Ring of Children’ to the ‘Christ of the Deep’, these dramatic pieces, now permanently and beautifully transformed by the ocean, are definitely worth seeing up close and personal at least once in your lifetime.

Hike to the top of Mt. Scenery in Saba

Epic things to do in the Caribbean: Hike Mt. Scenery in Saba

Not big into difficult hikes? Neither am I! Yet climbing to the very top of Mt. Scenery in Saba remains one of my favorite Caribbean travel highlights! The 1.5-hour ascent is as arduous as the views are breathtaking, which brings some semblance of balance to the excursion. Engulfed in lush greenery, with chirping birds as your only soundtrack, this particular activity is ideal for anyone who truly appreciates nature. Bonus: Once you’re successful you can boast that you’ve literally stood at the highest point in all of the Netherlands!

Truth be told, the Caribbean is teeming with incredible experiences and no list could ever encompass them all. I’ve indulged in scores of fantastic activities throughout the region, however, the 5 featured in this list have a special place within my Caribbean travel memory bank. I truly hope you’re able to visit this beautiful region soon. And when you do, be sure to include at least one of these items on your Caribbean Travel Bucket List.

Caribbean Travel Bucket List      Caribbean Travel Bucket List

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