Why Your Next Vacation Should be a Staycation

Tobago Staycation

Here’s the good news: we will travel again. Eventually. Providing we all #stayathome now, we’ll emerge from this unscathed and ready to wander. But how far do we need to go for our first post-lockdown excursion? Truth be told, there is no “right” answer to this question. We each need to do what feels most natural once this time of self-isolation comes to an end. However, humour me for a bit as I break down why your next vacation should be a staycation.

Support local businesses

Small businesses are suffering now, especially those in the tourism industry. Their doors would have been shut for weeks, and for many, offering online services weren’t an option. That means they generated absolutely no income. Ouch. In light of that, how awesome would it be to contribute to our local economies ones things are back up and running? Book a room at a locally owned boutique hotel or bed and breakfast. Dine out at family-run restaurants. Patronize local tour operators. They will be needing as much business as they can get.

Learn about your country

Once this is over, we would have spent weeks, maybe even months grounded in our houses. But many of us still aren’t intimately familiar with our homeland. So, before we venture off to explore foreign places, why not take the time to experience some of the things that make our own countries awesome? Now more than ever, we should make a conscious effort to truly appreciate what we have. A staycation is a great opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with our culture, history, and natural wonders.

The more the merrier

It would have been a while since we’d have seen family and friends. We’d have missed Easter, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and even graduations. How incredible would it be to make your first reunion a staycation? Keeping in mind that everyone may not be in a position to afford an international getaway, what better way to mark the coming-together-again of grandparents and grandchildren, cousins and sisters and brothers…than hosting an impromptu family reunion at a beautiful beach house or countryside cabin not too far away?

Give the planet a break

The lockdown was a strain on humans, but during this period, the planet has thrived. Pollution reduced significantly and suddenly the fog lifted over San Francisco, the summit of the Himalayas was visible again, and swans returned to the canals of Venice. Within just a few weeks of factories being shut and planes being grounded (among other things), Earth was able to take a deep, cleansing breath and scientists are projecting a 5% reduction in global carbon emissions in 2020. That being said, let’s make a concerted effort to slow things down…not all rush to back to old habits that would reverse these positive effects.

Stay close to Home

We’ve all been following the rollercoaster ride that is this pandemic for a long time. It seems that for every two steps forward, we had to take at least one step back as new elements of this threat were revealed to the medical community. Whether we like it or not, it’s been made clear that even after the first wave passes, we need to brace for second and third waves. If (or when) they do come, wouldn’t you rather be on home soil as opposed to in a foreign land?

While I’m going hard with my staycation campaign, please know that when this is all over, we should all do what we need to do, go where we need to go, and be who we need to be, to feel whole again. For some of us, that means going as far away from our homes as possible. For others, it means staying put for a little while longer. When the time comes, we’ll know what’s right. Until then…stay inside and stay safe!!!

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Why Your Next Trip Should be a Vacation       Why Your Next Trip Should be a Vacation

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