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5 things you have to do before a trip away

You’re going on holiday and getting ready to throw yourself into a completely different culture. You might be going with family, embarking on an adventure with friends, or travelling solo.

However, before you jet off and start your adventure, there are certain formalities you have to take care of. If you hate being disorganised before a holiday, start writing your to-do list early and make sure you add these five necessary things to it.

1. Get packing

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Is there anything worse than leaving packing until the last minute? You’re stressed before the holiday and inevitably end up forgetting essential items. For peace of mind, pack your case well in advance and make sure you have everything you need.

Even if you’re heading to a hot and tropical destination, the secret traveller recommends bringing something waterproofs in their series at 1Cover. Bad weather can strike at any time and you’ll need a rain mac if it does.

It’s also useful to bring a plug adapter, or you’ll be unable to charge your phone and use your appliances in the foreign plug sockets. This might go without saying, but don’t forget your passport! You would be surprised at how many people forget it, or get to the airport and realise it’s invalid.

Plan some fun activities

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Getting ready for a holiday isn’t all doom and gloom; planning the holiday activities can be great fun and really get you in the holiday spirit. Research the area where you’re staying and see what activities are taking place.

It’s possible to book excursions online, which is recommended for more popular activities (such as boat trips) that always get booked up quickly. Use this holiday as a chance to get out of your comfort zone and try something new; if you’re near a beach, try your hand at surfing or maybe even scuba diving.

However, be realistic when you’re booking holiday excursions and don’t pack too much into the trip; leave time to relax at the beach or by the pool.

Get some insurance

Travel insurance should be the first thing you get after booking your holiday. It might seem like an unnecessary expense, but travelling without it really isn’t worth the risk. If an accident should occur and you’re hospitalised abroad, it could end up costing you thousands in medical expenses.

Insurance doesn’t only cover against hospital bills, it’s also essential for lost luggage or even flight or hotel cancellations. Despite the many benefits of travel insurance, 38% of people aged 25-34 travelled without insurance in 2017, which could have been a costly mistake to make.

Prepare the house for your return

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday hype, it’s easy to forget about the house you’ll be returning to. When the whole family is packing and frantically searching for passports, a messy house is inevitable. However, if you take the time to clean up the mess and leave your house looking pristine, you’ll be grateful when you come back jetlagged and desperate for sleep. Another great idea is to schedule a food shop for when you land, so you’ll have something to eat on the night of your return.

5. Consider travel vaccinations

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If you thought you only needed travel vaccinations for Asian and African countries, you thought wrong. Due to the current immigration patterns, the TDaP is recommended for those travelling around Europe, as there have been outbreaks of Diptheria across the continent. Travel vaccinations are important for any holiday, so contact your medical professional to see which you should consider getting.


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