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(Amateur) Video: Scuba Diving in St. Lucia

Fantastic dive center. Spacious boat. Great visibility. Delicious lunch. And a fun crew.

If that doesn’t make for a good day of diving, I don’t know what does.

Truth be told, I encountered more hiccups on this dive excursion than any other since I started diving but I was in good hands with the crew at Dive Saint Lucia. The dive guide kept an eye on me and, hurdles aside, I was still able to take in the unspoiled beauty of St. Lucia’s underwater sites. Nothing that I read about diving in St. Lucia was overrated – the reefs are as vibrant as they claim and filled with kaleidoscopic coral and marine life!

Here’s my short amateur video of our dives at Superman’s Flight and Key Hole Pinnacles. Don’t mind the wobbly footage 😉

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  1. Nice video! I would love to dive, but haven’t had th chance to learn it yet. Till now snorkeling has been fun too. The ocean life is really colorful and wonderful to witness

    1. islandgirlintransit says:

      I actually only just got into snorkeling earlier this year and yes, it really is a lot more interesting than I thought it was be! Diving will always be my first love but I’ll place snorkeling at a close second 🙂

  2. This is great! 🙂 I’m an avid scuba diver as well, so the video was especially pleasant for me to watch. Would love to do some diving in St Lucia!

    1. islandgirlintransit says:

      Always great to hear from another diver! St. Lucia’s dive sites are FABULOUS! I hope you get to visit and explore them soon!

  3. Awesome video! We would love to go scuba diving! That water looks amazing.

  4. I haven’t been to St. Lucia but I have been hearing about the diving there for a few years. My husband is determined that he will get there and get it done soon…lol…

    1. islandgirlintransit says:

      I hope you guys can make it there for him to dive soon, it’s absolutely beautiful, top-side and underwater!

  5. Your video is very good and doesn’t look amateur at all! I really should start scubadiving – there’s just so much to see underwater!

    1. islandgirlintransit says:

      You really should give it a try at least once, it’s such a beautiful experience and so addictive!

  6. Your video is amazing, the water clarity is great! I’m looking forward to taking diving course and someday getting out there myself. Too bad you had some hiccups but happy it all turned out and good to know the diving crew are really good about keeping after the divers, that is so important when traveling since different standards I have heard in some places.

    1. islandgirlintransit says:

      Thanks so much for the feedback and yes, the crew was superb, making for a great dive experience overall 🙂

  7. Nice video. Diving and see the marine live is surely a great experience. The worst was the hiccups but the rest looked amazing.

  8. That dive looks so cool! Nice video – really digging the background track. 🙂

    1. islandgirlintransit says:

      Thanks! My friend made the soundtrack so I’ll def let him know 🙂

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