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Travel Tips

6 Steps to Making Your 2019 Travel Resolution A Reality

The countdown to 2019 is on and your resolution game is strong. You’re going to exercise more, spend less, eat healthier, and of course, see the world! Sadly, 80% of these resolutions live a brief life, snuffed out by mid-February. With a little bit of strategizing however, your travel plans can fall within that 20% …

Travel Tips

Caribbean Travel: Get More Bang for Your Buck

Traveling isn’t cheap. No secret there. Even in the Caribbean, a region that is comparatively more affordable than others, expenses add up. Factor in a round trip flight, accommodation, food, transportation and that list of must-do activities you’re constantly updating, and we’ve got an overall cost that can put an impressive dent in your bank account. …

Caribbean Destinations

Island Girl’s Travel Guide to Cuba

An eclectic mix of architectural designs through the ages, some immaculately maintained others crumbling and weathered. Kaleidoscopic facades straddling faded exteriors. Mint condition vintage cars cruising beside struggling antiques. Live music. Colorful art. And some of the most friendly and accommodating people I’ve ever encountered. Welcome to Cuba. Finally! After two failed attempts and a …