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12 Step Guide to Playing Mas in Trinidad Carnival: Playing mas in Trinidad Carnival is an amazing experience. This 12 step guide will help you navigate the process, from costume selection to the road!
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12 Step Guide to Playing Mas in Trinidad Carnival

So you’ve seen the dazzling costumes #lit…you’ve heard the infectious beats of the season’s best soca tunes #vibes…and you’ve been sold on the fact that Trinidad Carnival is #epic. Now you want in. You want to be a part of the hype, the energy, the bacchanal and give the performance of your life in the …

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Trinidad Carnival 2017: A Peek at my Costume!

Carnival is here! Carnival is here!! Carnival is HERE!!! Trinidad Carnival 2017 is here and I am Ready for the Road!!! In case you missed it from my exuberant introduction, and my many (sometimes irrelevant) mentions of it in the recent past, Carnival is without a doubt myย most favorite time of the year! I love …