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11 Caribbean Islands You Need to Visit

With literally hundreds of thousands of destinations to consider, how do you decide where to invest your time, money, and energy? Call me biased (because I am, just a little) but I highly recommend dedicating some of your vacation days to exploring the Caribbean. The archipelago offers hundreds of islands from which you can choose …

6 Caribbean Destinations to visit in 2018 (and why);
Caribbean Destinations

6 Caribbean Destinations to visit in 2018 (and why)

New year. New adventures. Bring it on! But where do you go? For some, the decisions of where and when have already been made. Kudos to you for getting a head start on your travel plans. However, for those of you who are still sorting through research and weighing your options, that’s OK too. There’s …

Caribbean Destinations

Review: An Idyllic Stay at La Rosa De Ortega

La Rosa de Ortega was everything I wanted from my Cuba accommodation. On the outside, a concrete facade partially covered by bright pink bougainvillea. On the inside, exposed brick, arched doorways, and antique accents that make you feel as if time has stood still for almost a century. Perfectly appointed. Perfectly maintained. It was surreal. I’m a …

Caribbean Destinations

Cuba: Color and Afro-Cuban Culture at Callejon de Hamel

At the end of every trip there’s always one place/thing that stands out to me more than everything else. Callejon de Hamel was that place for me in Cuba. Vibrant colors. Expressive art. Quirky decor. Rich culture. Live music. And the ‘negron’, a signature drink I could vouch for after just one sip. So much positive vibes, …

Caribbean Destinations

Island Girl’s Travel Guide to Cuba

An eclectic mix of architectural designs through the ages, some immaculately maintained others crumbling and weathered. Kaleidoscopic facades straddling faded exteriors. Mint condition vintage cars cruising beside struggling antiques. Live music. Colorful art. And some of the most friendly and accommodating people I’ve ever encountered. Welcome to Cuba. Finally! After two failed attempts and a …