• Tobago
  • 7 Reasons Why Tobago is Travel Bucket List Material

    Live anywhere long enough and you’re inclined to become immune to its charm. The beaches aren’t as dazzling. The culture isn’t as fascinating. The residents aren’t as welcoming. And your day-to-day activities tend to dull the shine of otherwise exciting experiences. Lucky for me, Tobago isn’t just ‘anywhere’, it’s paradise on earth. So, after two […]

  • Diving
  • My Dive Bucket List

    I’ve been itching to dive for the past three weeks but a pesky cough has┬áconfined me to dry land and it’s taking its precious time to go away. Since I can’t dive, or write about new diving expeditions, I’ve channeled my frustrations into scouring dive publications, blogs and of course, my beloved Pinterest, for the […]