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11 Caribbean Islands You Need to Visit

With literally hundreds of thousands of destinations to consider, how do you decide where to invest your time, money, and energy? Call me biased (because I am, just a little) but I highly recommend dedicating some of your vacation days to exploring the Caribbean. The archipelago offers hundreds of islands from which you can choose …

8 Can’t Miss Experiences in Barbados;
Caribbean Destinations

8 Can’t Miss Experiences in Barbados

Like all other Caribbean islands, Barbados is a perfect example of something great that comes in a small package. Within its 432ย km2 visitors will find a wide range of diversions. After all, the island’s beaches are blessed with cool, clear water and soft, whitest sand. It possesses a long, rich history that is remarkably well-preserved. …

Useful Things Travelers Should Know About Barbados
Caribbean Destinations

8 Truthful, Quirky, Useful Things Travelers Should Know About Barbados

It’s been a week since I returned from my sojourn in Barbados and I’m still in the process of sorting through photos, notes, feelings and laundry. In a nutshell it was a good trip but of course it came with a few (thankfully minor) frustrations. Based on my experiences in other Caribbean islands I know …