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I Got a Liebster Award for Christmas!

I’m so excited to announce my first ever Liebster Award! Thank you Eva! I must start by offering many, many thanks to Eva of Travel the Whole Wide World for this nomination! Eva is a German blogger whose love for travel has taken her to some amazing destinations, including Malaysia, Thailand, Italy and Austria. Her experiences have allowed …

Trinidadian Travel Instagrammers to Follow
Island Girls In-Transit

10 Trinidadian Travel Instagrammers to Follow

Instagram is often the first stop for many travellers researching destinations or seeking inspiration. There’s something oddly satisfying about watching social influencers live their best lives while creating flawless content all over the world. However, as a third world traveller, I’m often left wanting more. These bloggers rarely look like me, they don’t sound like …

Travel Tips

Why Aren’t More Caribbean Women Travelling?

Every so often I receive a message from a stranger curious about my travel habits. The inquirers are usually Caribbean women fascinated with the idea of traveling but who think this lifestyle is beyond their reach for one reason or the other. I usually provide a brief response explaining that “I love traveling so I …