Caroni Swamp Tour: What You need to Know

Caroni Swamp Tour: Here's What You need to Know

At the risk of sounding contrived, touring the Caroni Swamp is something every Trinbagonian should do in their lifetime, and every visitor should prioritise on their visit to Trinidad and Tobago. Towering mangroves climb high above clear, shallow waters. Slumbering animals blend seamlessly into their surroundings. While svelte birds, clambering crabs and elusive reptiles all […]

4 Tips for Planning a Trip to South America

Travelling to South America offers a soulful experience. A beloved holiday ground of dizzying sights and cultural siestas, this is a hotbed of rich, irresistible diversity just waiting to be explored. South America is a landmass riddled with countless continental attractions and it’s not hard to see why – scenic snow-capped mountainscapes, dense tropical rainforests […]

10 Trinidadian Travel Instagrammers to Follow

Trinidadian Travel Instagrammers to Follow

Instagram is often the first stop for many travellers researching destinations or seeking inspiration. There’s something oddly satisfying about watching social influencers live their best lives while creating flawless content all over the world. However, as a third world traveller, I’m often left wanting more. These bloggers rarely look like me, they don’t sound like […]

5 Affordable European Cities for T&T Travelers

5 Affordable European Cities for Trinbagonian Travelers

For many Trinbagonians, European travel seems like an expensive undertaking. Yes, flights are more costly than those to North America. And, then there’s the intimidating exchange rate for currencies like the euro and the pound. Naturally, it seems more affordable to plan a trip to the United States or Canada. However, my recent travels have […]