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A First-Timer’s Guide to Saba

A solitary main road winds its way across the island from northeast to southwest. Aptly named The Road, it links four diminutive towns that the modest population of approximately 2,000 people call home. The formidable coastline features jagged boulders and choppy jade waters. Because on this rock in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there’s …

Funny Signs Found in Saba
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Funny Signs I Found in Saba

Sabans have a quirky sense of humor and its most evident in their signage. The simplest instructions, warnings, and reminders are creatively crafted to both edify and entertain. From advisories against littering to shellfish-inspired weather forecasts, almost every sign I stumbled upon made me smile, chuckle or downright LOL. Here are some pretty funny signs …

Very Real Reasons to Visit Saba
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7 Very Real Reasons You Need to Visit Saba

Let’s start with a few indisputable facts: Saba is STUNNING. Saba is NOT for everyone. I LOVE Saba. It is pronounced “SAY-BA” not “Sah-ba”. Every island in the Caribbean has its signature stamp. It’s unique selling point. A value proposition that endears it to one type of traveler over another. Call me self-centered, call my …

One Perfect Day in Tobago
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One Perfect Day in Tobago (off the beaten path)

The birds eye view from the airplane window is enough to take your breath away. Streaks of golden sunlight peak through the clouds and dance over the surface of the ocean. The airport runway, fast approaching, is flanked by the stunning scene of the coconut tree-lined Caribbean Sea coast on your left and the rugged, …

Caroni Swamp Tour: Here's What You need to Know
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Caroni Swamp Tour: What You need to Know

At the risk of sounding contrived, touring the Caroni Swamp is something every Trinbagonian should do in their lifetime, and every visitor should prioritise on their visit to Trinidad and Tobago. Towering mangroves climb high above clear, shallow waters. Slumbering animals blend seamlessly into their surroundings. While svelte birds, clambering crabs and elusive reptiles all …

6 Things You Must Do in St. Vincent & The Grenadines
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6 Things You Must Do in St. Vincent & The Grenadines

Trust me when I tell you that St. Vincent and The Grenadines is a collection of some of the most gorgeous green gems you will ever encounter in the brilliant blue Caribbean sea. If you love the ocean, enjoy solitude, appreciate Mother Nature, and want an authentic island escape, SVG is where you need to …

12 Step Guide to Playing Mas in Trinidad Carnival: Playing mas in Trinidad Carnival is an amazing experience. This 12 step guide will help you navigate the process, from costume selection to the road!
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12 Step Guide to Playing Mas in Trinidad Carnival

So you’ve seen the dazzling costumes #lit…you’ve heard the infectious beats of the season’s best soca tunes #vibes…and you’ve been sold on the fact that Trinidad Carnival is #epic. Now you want in. You want to be a part of the hype, the energy, the bacchanal and give the performance of your life in the …

Tobago Heritage Festival: Charlotteville Natural Treasures Day
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Tobago Heritage Festival Guide: Natural Treasures Day

The rain was falling relentlessly. Seeking shelter was futile but we persevered, sharing umbrellas and fig leaves in lame attempts to shield ourselves from the torrential downpour. I stood alongside a dozen or so enthusiastic spectators, crammed atop a narrow concrete slab overlooking the Charlotteville Cocoa House. It was a tight fit and one misstep could …

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Tobago Heritage Festival Guide: Tobago Ole Time Wedding

Standing on the hill above the Moravian church in Moriah, I have the perfect view of the junction below. From this vantage point, in the company of several villagers manning the dirt oven, I observe the sizable crowd. Like me, everyone is here for the Tobago Ole Time Wedding, scheduled to begin at 1 pm. …

can't miss experiences in Barbados
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8 Can’t Miss Experiences in Barbados

Like all other Caribbean islands, Barbados is a perfect example of something great that comes in a small package. Within its 432 km2 visitors will find a wide range of diversions. After all, the island’s beaches are blessed with cool, clear water and soft, whitest sand. It possesses a long, rich history that is remarkably well-preserved. …