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Key Characteristics of Authentic Slavery Heritage Tourism Sites;

Key Characteristics of Authentic Slavery Heritage Tourism Sites

As an Afro-Caribbean woman I have always felt compelled to learn as much as possible about the slave trade. As a traveler, part of that education comes from visiting slavery heritage tourism sites. But I have always struggled with excursions of this nature. On the one hand, I am enamored by the charm and allure …

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5 Awesome Ways to Get Wet in Jamaica

When it comes to scenery, Jamaica has rendered Photoshop irrelevant in every possible way – most notably when water is involved. White-sand and blue-water beaches…voluminous waterfalls nestled amidst lush, green foliage…rivers rippling calmly through mountains ranges…Not all islands were made equal, but Jamaica stands among the blessed. The island’s tourism product comprises all the elements travel …