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Things to do in Parlatuvier, Tobago

Things to do in Parlatuvier

These days, distance and solitude are our friends. Luckily, Parlatuvier delivers both in spades – all perfectly wrapped up in an eco-friendly package! So, if space is what you’re seeking, this coastal village in Tobago’s countryside is a great place to fall off-the-grid and surround yourself with the destination’s trademark untouched and unspoiled natural beauty. While there may be less to do, there’s much more time to truly indulge in the slower side of paradise. Here’s a one-day itinerary of things to do in Parlatuvier.

Make the Trek to Parlatuvier Waterfalls

Start your eastern excursion off with the most strenuous activity of the day – a three-minute walk to Parlatuvier Waterfalls. The entrance is directly opposite Jetty Road and the path – along flat terrain – is clearly defined. Fair warning: the brevity of the trek is reflective of the size of the falls. There’s no towering rockface churning out tens of thousands of cubic feet of water every second at the end of the trail. But, for such easy access (and free of charge), I think this miniature waterfall is well worth a visit.  Bonus: the surrounding greenery, clear water, and splices of light that penetrate the treetops, all combine to create a hauntingly beautiful space for nature-loving photo ops.

Take photos along the Roadway

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Tobago’s country roads are among the most scenic in the Caribbean. The skies always appear brighter and bluer juxtapositioned against the vivid greenery and dark asphalt. Even with all the pesky power lines, you can stage impromptu photoshoot and walk away with some amazing, Insta-worthy shots. Bright colours and flowing materials are highly recommended. However, do keep in mind that this is an active roadway. While vehicular traffic isn’t frequent, please be mindful of oncoming traffic when venturing into the street to capture your shots.

Have Lunch at Englishman’s Bay

Recently refurbished and ready to serve you, Eula’s Restaurant & Souvenir Shop makes Englishman’s Bay a great spot for a lunch break. Enjoy a delicious home-style meal at your leisure on the open-air dining deck. Indulge in a little souvenir shopping on your way out – they’ve got everything from beach wraps to bird feeders. And, with nowhere to rush off to, claim a shady spot under one of the shade of the many trees lining the shore. You’ll most likely doze off to the soothing sound of breaking waves before it’s time to jump into the water for a swim. Be mindful that the currents at Englishman’s Bay can be strong at times, so pay attention and don’t venture in if you’re not comfortable.

Soak up the view from Glasgow’s Bar

This scene never gets old and it’s quite possibly my favourite vista in all of Tobago. Pre-Covid, it could be enjoyed from the top deck of Glasgow’s bar while sipping the drink of your choice. Now, with the current restrictions preventing in-house consumption, your best vantage point is from the black and white perimeter wall that runs parallel to the roadway. It’s not exactly the same as taking it in from the bar’s breezy top floor with a beer in hand. But the birds-eye view from this spot is still incredibly picturesque.

Watch the Sunset at Parlatuvier Bay

On a good day, the water at Parlatuvier Bay is as clear as crystal and as flat as glass. Perfect for an evening dip. The tree-lined shore provides a scenic backdrop along with all the shade you’ll need until the sun starts to slip from the sky. And once it does, the view is spectacular. From orange and yellow to purple and blue, the sky comes alive with a burst of colors that are all beautifully reflected on the water. The rolling waves and chirping birds are the only sounds you’re likely to hear and time seems to slow down as the sun gracefully descends on the horizon.

If you’re looking to slow things down, these things to do in Parlatuvier are a great place to start. The friendly residents of this quiet hamlet will welcome you with open arms and its gorgeous, lush scenery will treat you to a natural escape you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

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Things to do in Parlatuvier    Things to do in Parlatuvier

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