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Instagrammable Places in Tobago: 10 Amazing Spots for Photo-Ops (map included!)

Instagrammable Places in Tobago

Alluring vistas, enchanting natural settings, and charming architecture are now basic requirements when it comes to selecting the ideal destination. Fortunately, in Tobago, such places and spaces are available in spades. From stunning isolated beaches to views that stretch on for miles, perfectly preserved historical remnants and some of nature’s greatest wonders, the island is chocked full of eye-catching locales. So, if you’re looking for feed-popping images while on the island, start with this list of 10 gorgeously instagrammable places in Tobago.

The Mangrove Walk

Towering white roots flank a narrow wooden walkway, creating a dramatic scene that is simultaneously magical and eerie. Full disclosure: the smell may be a bit off-putting and takes a few minutes to get used to, but if you’re looking for a truly majestic setting to capture Insta-worthy shots, you’d be hard-pressed to find a location more perfectly suited than the Mangrove Walk located at Tobago Plantations.

One Perfect Day in TobagoPro Tip: The mangrove is never overrun with foot traffic. That being said, the walkways are narrow and the prime spots don’t lend themselves to multiple groups so plan to visit in the early morning before the post-breakfast stragglers get there. I strongly advise against visiting during hours of darkness.

The Speyside Water Wheel

It’s massive, chocked full of history and comes with the most gorgeous view. The Water Wheel at the old sugar mill ruins in Speyside is about as Instagrammable as relics get. Whether you capture it from the front or the back, this remnant is as fun to photograph as it is to climb.

Tobago Photo Ops - Speyside Waterwheel

Pro Tip: The wheel is stunning from both angles, but if you shoot it facing west, you have the added bonus of the ocean view in the background.

The Hut at Englishman’s Bay

This tiny hut may have been crudely constructed but it oozes Insta-worthy charm. Situated on the edge of the rainforest, the roof is covered in beautiful foliage that’s grown from fallen seeds. It’s two lopsided swings are perfect for leisurely contemplating the meaning of life as well as snapping the perfect action shot. Capture it from the front and you get beautiful light. Capture it from behind and you’re rewarded with the perfect silhouette. It’s a win-win.

Instagrammable Places in Tobago - Englishman's Bay

Pro Tip: Englishman’s Bay is a beautiful beach but it’s far from civilization so it’s advisable to venture here during day time hours and plan to leave by 4 pm so you’re not making the drive back to town in darkness.

Pigeon Point Heritage Park

Pigeon Point Heritage Park is an Instagrammers dream. From the famous Thatched Roof Hut on the jetty (allegedly the most photographed in the world) to the V-shaped coconut tree seat to the colorful huts sprinkled along the beach, photographers are spoiled for choice when it comes to idyllic backdrops and props.

Instagrammable Places in Tobago - Pigeon Point Heritage Park

Pro Tip: Pigeon Point is the most popular beach destination in Tobago and it tends to get crowded by mid-morning. If you’re hoping to catch the beach sans-people, then get there as soon as the gates open at 9 am. And, if you’re looking for a classic sunset shot you’ll want to be on the jetty just as the sun begins to dip from the sky.

“The Tree” on No Man’s Land

That’s right. Not just No Man’s Land. And not just any tree on No Man’s Land. “The Tree” on No Man’s Land. With its pale, almost chalk-white branches sprouting up from the sand just on the water’s edge, this dramatic piece of driftwood-on-steroids makes for the perfect shot. Especially if you’re lucky enough to be there when there aren’t tons of boats and people in the water cluttering the background.

Tobago Photo Ops - No Man's Land

Pro Tip: The tree is a popular photo-op spot for visitors to No Man’s Land so if your goal is to have it undisturbed, I recommend taking an early morning charter tour before all the glass bottom boats arrive later in the day.

Highlands Waterfall

The sheer height of the Highlands Waterfall is enough to take your breath away. Thousands of gallons of water gush down, framed by gorgeous greenery. Whether you take in its magnificence from its base in the plunge pool, or you scale the rocks to capture it from higher ground, you’re bound to get amazing visuals that’ll make the relatively tricky trek worth it.

Instagrammable Tobago: Highland Waterfalls

Pro Tip: It’ a 40-minute hike to the falls on moderately difficult terrain so head out in the morning, giving yourself enough time to make the return trip in daylight. Dress comfortably and wear sensible shoes.

Driveway to Argyle Falls

Giant, shady trees line the long driveway to Argyle Falls, presenting a dramatic, almost foreboding backdrop against which stunning images can be captured. Slender, pale trunks are topped off by large leafy foliage to create a lush canopy and the perfect natural frame, making this one of the most underrated Instagrammable places in Tobago.101 Things to do in Tobago

Pro Tip: This isn’t a high-traffic area, but with sporadic carloads heading to and from the waterfall, it’s best to visit this spot in the morning before the visitors start to arrive.

The Old Sugar Mill

Formerly a sugar mill on an old plantation, these ruins now serve as a photogenic reminder of a time when sugar production dominated Tobago’s economy. Today, just a few walls remain intact, but the exposed stone and red brick trim set against a backdrop of lush greenery is enough to create a stunning scene for the perfect shot.

Tobago Photo Ops - Speyside Sugar Mill

Pro Tip: Aim to get there early in the morning if you hope to avoid the semi-frequent vehicular traffic that passes in front of the ruins, along with the handful of cars that congregate at the small park opposite.

“Rainforest” Road

Lined with thick, emerald green foliage, the meandering artery cutting through the Main Ridge Forest Reserve is quite possibly the most scenic drive on the island, yet you can drive for minutes on end without encountering another vehicle. Take advantage of this solitude and snatch a photo or two while prancing along this empty road. (I should note that its official name is the Roxborough-Parlatuvier Road but personally, I think Rainforest Road has a much nicer ring to it).

Pro Tip: Be smart. Don’t die. This thoroughfare isn’t high traffic but there will always be cars so please be cautious if you decide to pose for pics in the middle of the street.

Black Rock Beach

The massive rocks at Black Rock Beach might make it a not-so-safe place for bathing, however, these imposing formations create just the right amount of drama to capture amazing photos from all angles. The beach is almost always empty so there’s no need to rush and you can take your time capturing shots of the narrow channel head-on or from above.

Pro Tip: This particular spot at Black Rock Beach is easy to miss. Once you get to Fort Bennett, make your way down to the beach and turn left toward the rocks.

Lover’s Bay

A beach with quite possibly the clearest waters in all of Tobago, Lover’s Bay is also blessed with rugged rock formations, lush vegetation and slightly pigmented sand that all come together to create aesthetically pleasing backdrops. Whether you opt for a beach view with its stunning turquoise waters, or you prefer to catch a shot of the shoreline with its brilliant contrast of vibrant greenery and pinkish sand, this tiny beach in Charlottesville offers a beautiful, private escape, as well as many opportunities to capture spectacular photos.

 Pirate’s Bay Lookout

It’s a long walk to and from Pirate’s Bay, but the trek is well worth it if you appreciate a great view. The panoramic vista stretches, uninterrupted, from the quaint coastal village of Charlottesville to the sheltered bay itself. Dominated by the most stunning shades of green, from the emerald waters to the dense foliage, the scene is nothing short of breathtaking and not to be missed if you’re a lover of both photos and nature.

For many, capturing spectacular images is a big part of the travel experience. And there’s nothing wrong with that, providing your obsession with aesthetics doesn’t detract from your appreciation of a destination.  Whether you’re just “doing it for the gram” or you’re earnestly in search of breathtaking scenes, this list of Instagrammable places in Tobago should get you off to a good start.

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