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10 Trinidadian Travel Instagrammers to Follow

Trinidadian Travel Instagrammers to Follow

Instagram is often the first stop for many travellers researching destinations or seeking inspiration. There’s something oddly satisfying about watching social influencers live their best lives while creating flawless content all over the world. However, as a third world traveller, I’m often left wanting more. These bloggers rarely look like me, they don’t sound like me, and they can’t possibly comprehend some of the obstacles I’ve had to face to pursue my wanderlust. It is with this in mind that I enjoy finding and following local travel Instagrammers who are sharing their stories. From crazy adventures to useful tips for Caribbean travellers, these ladies have done a lot, seen even more, and have a special knack for chronicling their journeys with captivating photos and powerful captions. And here they are…10 Trinidadian travel Instagrammers I think you’d enjoy following (in no particular order).

1. @lahhaytravels

Trini to de bone but not afraid to wander far away from home, Paige a.k.a. @lahhaytravels is a self-described “queer Caribbean girl with a severe case of wanderlust”. I discovered her on Instagram over a year ago and have been a dedicated follower ever since. Her feed comprises authentic travel photos featuring islands as nearby as Grenada and countries as far away as Indonesia. Each post is accompanied by captions that are either entertaining or edifying – and sometimes a mix of both. A budget travel specialist, Paige is also author of the blog, Lah Hay Travels where she shares useful tips and tricks on everything from booking cheap flights to finding cool but affordable Airbnbs. True story: she’s the reason I decided to give Airbnb another go after my first experience was a complete disaster.

Follow @lahhaytravels for: Budget travel tips specifically targeting Caribbean travellers

2. @anandathewanderer

Trinidadian Travel Instagrammer to Follow: Ananda

As far as flawless feeds go, Ananda a.k.a. @anandathewanderer has this market on lock. With a wardrobe that’s always on point and a flare for dramatic poses, she has a knack for making even ordinary spaces look extraordinary. However, her dramatic images aren’t the best thing about her profile. According to her bio, she is a mindfulness blogger and life-coach-in-training and she ensures that her posts reflect these roles. Each image she publishes is paired with the most insightful, enlightening, motivational prose focused on self love and fulfilment. It’s impossible not to feel a little bit better about life after reading them.

Follow @anandathewanderer for: Inspiration and motivation to live your best life

3. @trinihotfoot

Trinidadian Travel Instagrammer to Follow: trinihotfoot

Seventy-five countries. That’s correct. 7-5. With scores of destinations under her belt, Marissa a.k.a. @trinihotfoot couldn’t have found a more appropriate Instagram handle for herself. She’s the first Trinidadian travel blogger I started following on Instagram several years ago and to this day I’m still in awe of her journeys. “Sharing the world as I see it” is her tagline and she does an incredible job of upholding it. Marissa shares her travel adventures through a mixture of destination specific photos and fun captures of herself and her travel companions. She always includes informative captions about the places she visits and her detailed Instagram Stories capture the behind-the-scenes moments we rarely see shared on feeds.

Follow @trinihotfoot for: The ultimate destination inspiration

4. @love.ria.xo

Trinidadian Travel Instagrammer to Follow: love.ria.xo

When you work in the tourism industry, have a position that requires extensive regional and international travel, and you’ve got a great sense of humour, you end up with a colourful feed like @love.ria.xo. I’ve never met Ria in real life but I feel like I know her through her candid snaps and hilariously open captions. She’s always sharing a funny story and/or insights about whatever destination she’s featuring. From a cheeky interview with a Duty Free Easter Bunny to sleeping through her First Class experience, she tells her stories in a manner that makes you forward to her next post!

Follow @love.ria.xo on Instagram for: Travel humour and cool destination facts

5. @itineraryshelly

Trinidadian Travel Instagrammer to Follow: itineraryshelly

Bright and full of colour, Michelle a.k.a. @itineraryshelly offers up a kaleidoscopic travel photo journal you can’t help but love! No matter where she is in the world, no matter the season, Michelle is able to inject bold hues that breathe life into the places she visits. It helps that she also has a great sense of style and an awesome swimsuit collection! While she may no longer live in Trinidad & Tobago, she still considers it home, and shares the most beautiful captures of our twin islands whenever she visits. For more detailed travel insights and stories from Michelle, you can check out her blog, Itinerary Shelly.

Follow @itineraryshelly on Instagram for: Fashion and destination inspiration

6. @astridoxford

Trinidadian Travel Instagrammer to Follow: astridoxford

I can’t think of a brighter Trinidadian personality on Instagram than Aneakaleigh a.k.a. @astridoxford. And I’m not just saying that out of bias for my fellow St. Francois Girls’ College sister. I say it because she has one of the coolest, most authentic Instagram presence I’ve ever seen on the platform. An ESL teacher currently based in Spain, she’s funny, introspective and keeps it real without ever being irreverent. I enjoy following her escapades across Europe and I’m excited about her new initiative @thecaribbeanmillennial, a blog dedicated to inspiring Caribbean millennials both at home and abroad!

Follow @astridoxford on Instagram for: European destination inspiration and feel-good thoughts

7. @thenowheriandaughter

Trinidadian Travel Instagrammer to Follow: thenowheriandaughter

Dramatic landscapes, beautiful buildings and interesting details are all given their due respect in Victoria’s feed. With a grid as diverse as her destinations, @thenowheriandaughter takes us on a detailed tour of every site she visits. She’s done swamp tours in New Orleans, hiked through national parks, and had the ultimate experience at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. With every post she shares tips for the experience featured, making her an excellent resource for anyone in trip-planning mode. Even better, you can get more extensive coverage of her international escapades on her blog The Nowherian Daughter.

Follow @thenowheriandaughter for: Interesting travel experiences and useful tips

8. @noordinarytraveller

Trinidadian Travel Instagrammer to Follow: noordinarytraveller

An ambassador for solo travel, Charlene a.k.a.  @noordirnarytraveller  has a unique flare and bravery I respect. Scrolling through her profile you’d hardly guess that most of her epic shots are self portraits. Or that most of the people in her photos are strangers she met along the way. But that’s usually the case for this wanderluster who loves exploring destinations on her own. She shares hilariously honest and detailed travel anecdotes but also has a knack for asking those thought provoking questions many third world travellers ponder. Lucky for us, she usually has a frank answer to go with it, so we’re never left hanging!

Follow @noordinarytraveller for: Solo travel motivation

9. @trinitraveljunkie

Trinidadian Travel Instagrammer to Follow: trinitraveljunkie

Mouth watering dishes. Vibrant pops of colour. Inspirational travel quotes. Gorgeous portraits and candids. They all come together to make @trinitraveljunkie’s feed worth following. Stephanie’s profile is a mix of local and international adventures on showcase courtesy vivid images. From Vogue-worthy captures of her striking poses in gorgeous, outdoor locations; to fun videos of her experiences sampling delicious meals, Stephanie’s profile is somehow effortless and glamorous all at once. Learn more about her excursions on her blog, Trini Travel Junkie.

Follow @trinitraveljunkie for: Gorgeous travel photos and foodie goals

10. _oflightandlaughter_

Trinidadian Travel Instagrammer to Follow: oflightandlaughter

Colourful backdrops, ah-mah-zing views and a series of incredible destinations define Ally’s Instagram feed. No two posts are ever the same, with different destinations, locations and views being shared each time. Through her profile she’s taken her followers to intricately designed castles in Hong Kong, impressive hilltop views in Vietnam, and rainbow coloured towns in Italy. Her captions are usually succinct and tend to feature inspirational quotes that always lift my spirits!

Follow @_oflightandlaughter_ for: Diverse destinations and inspiration

There are many amazing Instagrammers sharing their wanderlust adventures with the world but I feel especially connected to those from our twin island nation. Traveling frequently with a third world passport isn’t impossible, but it also isn’t the easiest feat so kudos to these amazing Trinidadian travel Instagrammers who make it happen time and time again! They truly are an inspiration to me, and many others as we all pursue our own personal quests to go…see…do…explore.

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Trinidadian Travel Instagrammers to Follow   Trinidadian Travel Instagrammers to Follow   Trinidadian Travel Instagrammers to Follow

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  1. I’m grateful and humbled to be included in such a diverse and amazing group of local travel- loving ladies! Let’s all support each other and follow each other’s adventures!

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      You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed it!

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      So happy you enjoyed this post! You should definitely follow all of these ladies, you’ll love their content!

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    Loved this post!!! I’ve been looking for more Trini influencers to follow! I also went to St. Francois so Im feeling the feels in this post!

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      So happy to introduce you to these awesome women! And it’s so great that you’re a fellow girl in green and gold, black and white! SFGC forever 🙂

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