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Beautiful Airbnbs in Tobago that are perfect for Remote Working

Tobago Airbnbs for Remote Work

It’s been almost a year of social distancing and many across Trinidad & Tobago remain in remote-work mode. Eleven months in however, the once novel concept of working from home has lost its lustre. With no opportunity to jet off to foreign parts for a much needed change of pace and scenery, the time has …

Caribbean Destinations, Tobago

#101reasonstobago: Top 101 Things to do in Tobago

101 Things to do in Tobago

Idyllic off-the-grid escapes. Immersive cultural experiences. Invigorating soft adventures. And so much more…Within its 300 km² Tobago possesses a rich blend of natural and manmade diversions that cater to a variety of travel preferences. Whether you’re simply craving sun-sea-and-sand or you’re in the mood to get your adrenaline pumping, here are my picks for 101 …

Caribbean Destinations, Tobago

Tobago Blue Food Festival: 5 Reasons to watch the Step by Step Cooking Series

Tobago Festivals

Every October the coastal village of Bloody Bay comes alive as a few thousand people descended upon the Tobago Blue Food Festival to sample inventive dishes, drinks, and desserts, all made from the same main ingredient – dasheen.  The long drive and (usually) inclement weather never hindered the mass migration of certified foodies and curious …

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Cabin in Paramin: A stay at the La Vapeur Estate

Eco-cabin in Paramin

Ascend a mere 20 minutes into the hills of Paramin and you’ll find yourself at the rustic glass-walled cabin located on the La Vapeur Estate. Nestled amidst towering greenery; set against the backdrop of panoramic ocean views, the estate offers a unique escape unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in Trinidad & Tobago. It’s #staycationgoals on steroids. …

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Caribbean Travel Bucket List: 5 Things to do in the Caribbean

Caribbean Travel Bucket List

Gorgeous beaches. Lush forests. Serene rivers. And some of the most epic parties in the world! With over 7,000 islands serving up diverse activities, the Caribbean is indeed a spectacular playground. Naturally, it’s impossible to cover the full length of breadth of things to do within the region. So let’s start with this list of …


Why Your Next Vacation Should be a Staycation

Tobago Staycation

Here’s the good news: we will travel again. Eventually. Providing we all #stayathome now, we’ll emerge from this unscathed and ready to wander. But how far do we need to go for our first post-lockdown excursion? Truth be told, there is no “right” answer to this question. We each need to do what feels most …

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7 Must-Have Cultural Experiences in Tobago

If you ask me, Tobago is the cultural capital of the Caribbean. It’s home to a century’s old sporting event that is as unique as it is intriguing. It’s host of one of the most extravagant wedding processions you will ever witness in real life. And it upholds one of the most sincere fishing customs, …

Caribbean Destinations, Tobago

Instagrammable Places in Tobago: 10 Amazing Spots for Photo-Ops (map included!)

Instagrammable Places in Tobago

Alluring vistas, enchanting natural settings, and charming architecture are now basic requirements when it comes to selecting the ideal destination. Fortunately, in Tobago, such places and spaces are available in spades. From stunning isolated beaches to views that stretch on for miles, perfectly preserved historical remnants and some of nature’s greatest wonders, the island is …

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Your Favourite Dine-in Restaurants doing Delivery in Trinidad

Trinidad and Tobago is in lockdown mode and it’s an emotional time for all as we struggle to adjust to the new normal. Practicing social distancing, remembering not to touch our faces, struggling to stay calm, and overall doing the most to #flattenthecurve is exhausting. Thankfully, in the midst of all these restrictions, some of …

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10 Cool, Quirky, Useful Things to know about Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been calling my name for a while now, but it took a work-related engagement to actually get me there. As such, instead of exploring its beaches and rainforests, I spent most of my time at the University of Peace attending the Gross Global Happiness Summit. Luckily, the packed itinerary included a walking …